The Scroll of Isaiah

By Theol. dr. Seth Erlandsson

Known for its key messianic prophecies and importance among the Major Prophets, the book of Isaiah has faced decades of ongoing debate over its authorship and authenticity. Many modern Bible scholars now assert that the book of Isaiah had multiple authors over the centuries. Their theories ultimately cast doubt on the Bible’s claims of divine inspiration and the integrity of Jesus’ claims about himself. Dr. Seth Erlandsson addresses these faulty theories, including the Deutero-Isaiah theory, and provides evidence for Isaiah’s unified writing style. He focuses especially on interpreting chapter 41, the epicenter of the authorship debate. His straightforward and organized writing style creates a clear guide through Isaiah’s many historical and linguistic details. Erlandsson is a former Director of the Bible Research Centre of the Biblicum Foundation and author of many theological articles and essays published in Sweden, Germany, and the United States. This one-volume commentary makes an excellent companion for pastors, Bible scholars, seminary students, and laypeople interested in biblical interpretation.

Available in English from Northwestern Publishing House

Available in the Original Swedish from XP Media