Biblicum in Brief

Quod non est biblicum, non est theologicum.
What is not biblical, is not theological.

The Biblicum Foundation is an institution in Sweden dedicated to Bible research and teaching, based on the conviction that the Bible is the inspired and fully reliable word of God and that the confessions of the Lutheran Church are a faithful exposition of Scripture’s teachings. Biblicum was founded October 8, 1968 by seven peeople including Dean and Theol. Dr. Gustav Adolf Danell and Theol. Dr. David Hedegård. Soon thereafter Theol. Dr. Seth Erlandsson was called to be Biblicum’s director of studies and editor of its theological journal. For many years its headquarters were located in Uppsala, but since the late 1990s the home address has been in Ljungby.

Biblicum arranges courses in Sweden and the other Nordic countries and is also a main contributor to the Bible translation Svenska Folkbibeln (The Swedish Folk Bible), published 2015. Biblicum has its own publishing company and internet shop. The journal Biblicum – tidskrift för biblisk tro och forskning is published quarterly. Its editor is Theol. Dr. Seth Erlandsson. Presently, Biblicum’s chairman is Egil Edvardsen and its daily manager is Ingvar Adriansson. The other board members are Seth Erlandsson (vice chairman), Thomas Erlandsson (treasurer), Tor Jakob Welde and Ola Österbacka (secretary). All may be contacted by e-mail: